what we do

At Melbourne Services, we develop a personalized approach to every client. We aim to meet all your needs by offering a wide range of services that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Crash repair
  • Vintage scooter service
  • Spare parts
  • Regular service
  • General repair
  • Safety checks
  • Insurance claims

We guarantee that at our workshop, you will receive the highest quality motorbike repair Melbourne has to offer. In addition to repairing your motorized scooter, our technicians will also offer advice on how to keep it in good condition. They will also share some useful maintenance tips that will help you prevent breakdowns.

Why Melbourne Scooters.

  • Free consultation and quote.

    Call us to get a free consultation and quote. We will answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment at time convenient for you. Our technicians know everything there is to know about these vehicles and can repair them faster than any non-specialized mechanic.

  • Client's satisfaction.

    We understand that to many of our clients, affordability is as important as the speed of repair. At Melbourne Scooters, we offer most affordable rates and aim to do our very best to get you back on the road superfast.

  • Experienced Staff.

    Our staff of mechanics has number of years experience. With that level of experience, you can have peace of mind that your scooters and motorbikes are in reliable hands. We have diagnostic tools to perform service on fuel Injected models. We are also licensed motorbike tester (Roadworthy Tester for Motorbike).

mission and vision

Best services.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on our phone number: (03)9699 6000, to speak to one of our friendly team member or contact us for any advice or services you require.

Maintain the roadworthy condition of motorbike

Melbourne Scooters is a licensed vehicle tester, which means that we are officially authorized to perform a variety of motorbike roadworthiness tests and issue Roadworthy certificates. The roadworthiness checklist for testing includes the following: Vehicle structure, Steering, suspension, and braking systems, Wheels and tires, Lights and Indicators, Seat

Roadworthy certification.

We can test it and provide you with a roadworthiness certificate that will prove this. This certificate is necessary for selling a motorbike in Melbourne. Providing the prospective buyer with the proof of the vehicle’s excellent condition will allow you to raise the price of the vehicle.

Responsible in work.

we work hard to satisfy the needs of every client and develop a personalized approach to every vehicle that comes to our shop. We will do our best to help you bring your scooter to an excellent condition and repair any damage from wear or crash.

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